Galaxy is a web-based platform for data intensive life science research that provides users with a unified, easy-to-use graphical interface to a host of different analysis tools. These tools can be run interactively, one by one, or combined into multi-step workflows that can be executed as a single analysis.

If this is your first time using Galaxy, you might want to have a look at this Quick Start Guide
Additional documentation and tutorials on using Galaxy can be found here.

Tools and Workflows
ELIXIR.NO aims to develop tools and workflows for specific data analysis tasks, based on input from large user groups and help-desk users in Norway and also toward ELIXIR internationally. To see a list of analysis workflows available on this Galaxy server, click the “Shared Data” menu at the top of the page and select Published Workflows. Visit the NeLS Portal to see the full list of analysis workflows available in all the NeLS Galaxies.

Other NeLS Galaxy installations and resources
The Galaxy installations at each of the participating universities have differing focus and may offer different sets of tools and functionalities.
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